MAGICK support custom models
Iterate and upgrade products continuously to empower the enterprise production.
The rapid exchange platform 3015 size equipment can be exchanged in only 10s, which saves the time of loading and unloading for users, ensures that the machine does not stop working, and improves the working efficiency of the machine.
1. Fiber laser cutter power: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000w, 10000w, 12000w, etc.
2. Fiber laser generator: JPT, RAYCUS, MAX, NIGHT, IPG etc.
3. Fiber laser cutter materials: Iron, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, hardware and another metal sheet materials.
4. Other machine optional parts can be chosen, such as, rotary axis, full cover, etc.
5. China Top fiber laser machine cutting manufactures, MAGICK, best price and high quality, with CE etc certificates.
Working Area
Repeat Repositioning Accuracy
Accuracy of Positioning
Max running speed


Laser Power
Laser Source
MAX / Raycus / IPG
Maximum acceleration
Tube cutting / Single platform /Enclosed protection
Product Details
Industrial Machine bed
The use of high quality steel as a raw material, The front bed is welded by high-quality carbon steel plates, withstanding lasers with a power of 1kw-20kw. The rear bed welded with steel pipes is lightweight and easy to move and install.
Laser Source

Raycus/MAX/IPG, multiple choice
Different brands, different laser power are available. The higher power, the thicker cutting thickness.


Laser Cutting head

3 pieces of protection lens, highly effective protection of collimating focus lens. 2-way optical water cooling, effectively extending the continuous working time.


Steel beam




Molded and framed by integral steel mold and die-casting technology, to make the beam obtain the highest strength. Optimizes and reduces its weight improving processing efficiency and processing quality.

Control System
High-end intelligent system, stable and reliable, easy to use, rich in functions, suitable for various processing occasions
Japan Shimpo

Dual cooling function

Real-time alarm

Machine protection

Taiwan – APEX

High precision Accurate instantaneous transmission ratio

High transmission efficiency; Long life

Applications Industry and Samples
Metal processing industry
Machinery processing
Aerospace industry
Medical instrument industry
Air conditioning industry
Kitchenware industry
Advertising industry
Garden decoration industry
Outdoor decoration industry