commercial grain milling machine


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commercial grain milling machine/hot sell cereal crusher/bean corn sesame grinder


Technical parameters for cereal miling machine

Power 2.2kw
Voltage 220v
Rotating speed 1420rpm
Capacity 30-50kg/h
Mesh 50-200
Input diameter 52mm
Hopper diameter 257mm
Dimension 55*26*44cm
Weight 42kg


Grain cereal mill is a continuous feeding operation, luxurious structure, low noise, fine grinding, no dust, easy to operate. Applicable to supermarkets, shopping malls and shop stalls on-site processing of various grains and Chinese herbal 

1, switch: the use of a new type of 20 start switch, the number of even more difficult to burn.

2, ventilation and cooling holes: from the original blinds to plum blossom hole, more quickly and effectively improve the ventilation and cooling capacity.


3, hopper: increase the tilt, material thickening, long life and durable is not easy to deformation, cutting more smoothly.



4, the thickness adjustment screw: from the original circular shape, to wave-shaped arc design, adjust more easily do not hand.



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